I Am Terry The

I am a sophomore currently attending USC. I hope to specilize in full-stack development.

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I specialize In

Full-Stack Software Development, Computer Vision, and Music

FrontEnd Developerment

I was that high-school kid who thought myself a web-developer when I discovered Wix. Now, playing with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I can’t believe how much I’ve grown in the last two years.

BackEnd Development

Frankly, I hated backend development at first. Over the years, however, as I acquired more pieces of puzzles such as SQL, Java, and Spring, I found myself enchanted with the process of assembling these tools together.

Machine Learning

ML is the thing where one can study for years and still find himself a newbie. Integrating math and CS, the scope of this subject fascinated me. Towardsdatascience.com is where I would like to go during my freetime.

Recital & Composition

Starting at four years old, piano accompanied me for fifteen years. Although I only regard music as a hobbit, I take it very seriously. Besides piano, I'm a recreational composer who plays the trumpet and drum sets.

Terry By The Numbers

  • Sleep Hours
  • 1:15 - 7:30
  • Schools Attended
  • 10
  • Hours Coded Last Week
  • 21
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  • 3

My ShowCase

Some of my interests and my Bilibili channel